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QKonnekt – Connecting People on the Fly

Every year more than 5 billion passengers are scheduled to take flights to travel around the world. Out of the millions of flights scheduled to carry passengers, 20% of the flights either get delayed or canceled. The delays and cancellations are much more in the holiday season, during a long weekend, or even during a normal day.

The Background Story

What do the travelers do when they find themselves stuck at the airport on course with a delayed/canceled flight status?

A lot of travelers keep themselves busy with their work, but a lot of us would want to make use of the time productively instead of getting frustrated and irritated due to the situation. Being social animals, we have an innate curiosity to connect with people around us and learn, share and help each other. One quality human connection could make all the difference in our lives. Each of us would have had that “one connection”, a friend, a relative or a colleague who has helped us to jump on to that next level in our lives. Some of us are shy, reserved or introverted and it is hard to break that ice to connect with people around and ask for that one help.

QKonnekt app helps to break the ice and in the process of building connections in an unknown place purely based on common interests and beliefs. Like in the movie ‘Blind Side’, where an adoption has made a tremendous difference in the life of a kid by making of a famous athlete; or like finding a mentor in the movie ‘The Intern’. That one connection, we do not know how, where or when, but tends to create an impact in our lives.

We might be lucky enough to inspire and extend a helping hand to someone who is in need. People around us might want to learn that one skill to enhance their lives, or earn a job opportunity or critically need a business connection. Wondering how to address this issue and about how travelers can spend their time productively at airport lounges and in waiting areas, QKonnekt has meticulously planned and designed ‘The QKonnekt App’. 

The Solution

QKonnekt is one of a kind, hyper-local socio-professional networking platform that connects like-minded people
in-person. Real-time connections sure make a lot of difference. The app serves as a mentoring/networking platform for travelers in wait/transit who can connect with a future mentor or business partner at the click of a button. It is a unique platform that comes with an exclusive connection to specific people of interest. We strongly believe in making effective human connections. Using any social media profiles or other
multiple professional profiles, travelers can showcase their social or professional interests or both and connect with people of similar interests. The connection with a like-minded individual is instant.

It helps to connect, share knowledge, and exchange opportunities and information. Break the ice and build a network of like-minded professionals or entrepreneurs using QKonnekt app. It resembles an analogy of stars in the sky, you do not see the stars during the day. Likewise, people and resources around us waiting to be discovered. Explore the night sky with QKonnekt, start with a simple conversation and transform that into a long-term association.  

What you must do

Build your profile on QKonnekt

Subscribing for QKonnekt is smimple. There are two different profile boards a user can build and select various interests for each profile board. 

  1. Download the QKonnekt app and sign in.
  2. Choose a profile option (Social and/or Professional), select your interests and goals to build the profile board.
  3. Enter a brief introduction about yourself, and you are set!
  4. You can now search for other like-minded people or let them find and connect with you.

Your profile boards with detailed professional, business or social life information is visible for other users to help connect with each other. Similarly, you can look up other users’ interests and send a connection request. Once the connection request is accepted, you can start conversing, share ideas, knowledge and even opportunities making productive use of your wait time.


QKonnekt can be your treasure trove of great fruitful connections. You may happen to meet potential business partners, clients or future employees, or a book club buddy, a gym enthusiast or a hiker/trekker, all at the click of a button. Our vision is to emphasize on real-time human connections rather than virtual ones, and to create a chain effect of social media connections and forming like-minded common interests community.

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