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Qkonnekt is an application that helps you find that  “One” quality in-person connection in conferences, Universities, Public events and during wait / transit times at the airport. Just connect with who you want to connect.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with. We are here to increase the probability of you making the the best in-person connections for you

We are just “humanizing connections”. We are an app to help people to make “out-of-the-app” in-person connection.

Download link for QKonnekt app below … 

Network of people connected

How QKonnekt works

At the Conference / Airport

There are 1000s of people that attend a conference, and you dont want to miss the "One" connection that matters. There is a lot of unproductive time at airports, when we are in transit or waiting after a delay

Breaking the ice

The right person with the same interest / objectives who you always wanted to meet is right there. But you dont know how to approach and meet


We believe Qkonnekt app will helps you make the right in-person connections

Streamlined approach

Use QKonnekt to search and connect with like-minded conference attendees, who may be your potential business partners, mentor, employee / employer, etc.


You walk out of the conference where you have made some quality in-person connections that will make a difference ... Making the right connection at the right place and time really matters

QKonnekt Intro Video - airport scenario

Why QKonnekt?

hourglass image

Utilize your waiting time

QKonnekt helps to make productive use of time at conferences / airports to connect and share knowledge, exchange opportunities and information. It is not about the quantity of connections made that matters, but the quality of connections made.

telescope image

Tool like a Telescope

People, connections or resources around you are like stars. They can be visible clearly and beautifully with the aid of a tool like a telescope. QKonnekt is similar to a telescope that helps you easily find useful connections around you at places like conferences and in an airport.


Find your treasure

QKonnekt will be your treasure hunt for connections that may be your potential business partners, clients, employers, employees, book club buddies, or even casual like-minded friends. You never know who you may meet!

QKonnekt App Screens

Our quality connections who got us here

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