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One connection can make a difference in your life

All it matters is who you know. Qkonnekt is the first of its kind hyper-local application that serves as a mentoring / coaching platform for travelers in wait / transit

How QKonnekt works

QKonnekt Intro Video

Why QKonnekt?

  • Utilize your waiting time

    Qkonnekt helps to make productive use of waiting time to connect and share knowledge, exchange opportunities and information. It is not about the quantity of connections made that matters, but the quality of connections made.

  • Tool like a Telescope

    People, connections or resources around you are like stars. Can be clearly visible and beautiful with the aid of a tool, a telescope. QKonnekt is similar to the telescope that helps to find your useful connections around you at the airports easily.

  • Find your treasure

    QKonnekt will be your treasure hunt of connections who may be your potential business partners, clients, employers, employees, book club buddies, or even casual like minded friends. You never know who you will meet.

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